Bridal Packages

We prepare you to be at your best
for the special day

At Krupa beauty clinic we understand that the Wedding Day is one of the most cherished and memorable day of any bride.

We only use the top brands products available in the market today, this combined with our years of experience we help bring out the unique individual style of each bride and we make sure that you look your very best on this day. Nothing will be left to chance and we will ensure that your look will be perfect.
Our bridal services start with FREE consultation, leading to an expert advice on make-up, hair dressing and accessory selection to complement your unique personality and features. This is a carefully prepared course of action by our Beauty Specialists which will ultimately result in that spellbinding look that will remain flawless through the entire process of your wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Packages


  • Blushing Bride
  • Western Bride
  • Royal Bride
  • Body Polishing


  • A Real Body Polishing
    ( with micro derma )
  • Body polishing with scrub
    ( Both the treatment includes body massage +polish+ steam and bath )
1Before 2 days Bridal Treatment

Premium treatment
  • Full body wax
  • Full body bleach
  • Manicure-pedicure
  • Hair cut wash
  • Hair spa
  • Bikini wax & O3 + facial
Regular treatment
  • Full legs wax
  • full hand wax
  • facial, manicure-pedicure
  • eyebrow
  • bleaching face+ half back
2Before 3 Months Package

  • Hair spa
  • Manicure-Pedicure
  • Facial
3Royal Bride

  • Real body polishing
  • Premium Pre Bridal Treatment
  • Before 3 months treatments + 3 make-up free

Contact Personally for Red Carpet Bridal Makeover.